Tad Cook

Chief Investment Officer, Financial Advisor, 
1925 N Clybourn Avenue
Suite 301
, Illinois

Tad Cook is a partner of STRIDE Financial, and he is instrumental in its management and daily operations. In addition to his focus on sales and marketing, Tad oversees the cultivation and management of the firm’s investment strategies and portfolio management. Prior to joining Stride, Tad built a professional practice through the Hoopis Group at Northwestern Mutual. Tad is a National Social Security Advisor, certified by the National Social Security Association, which oversees the certification of advisors specializing in Social Security planning. Tad has also spent 23 years in corporate sales and sales management with several consumer product manufacturers and 10 years selling residential real estate in the Chicago area. Tad is a fully-licensed Financial Advisor working in Investments, Retirement Planning, Insurance, College Planning, Business Services, and Estate Planning. He shares his thoughts about a variety of financial topics through numerous television appearances and radio broadcasts.

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