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Michael Burleigh
President, Peak Capital Management

Stuart, Florida

Michael is a hands-on advisor who takes great pleasure in providing guidance to retirees and individuals who are fast approaching retirement. He started his career in the financial services industry in 1986, branching out to form his own company three years later. Since that time, he has had the privilege of meeting with over 2,500 people who are nearing retirement or already enjoying it. Michael is a Registered Investment Advisor and Licensed Insurance Professional. Since opening his own firm over 20 years ago, Michael has been on a mission to help protect clients’ capital. Unlike many advisors, who are mentally stuck in the 1990s with their aggressive strategies, Michael specializes in conservative strategies that are likely to provide a steady and reliable return. Michael is literally always on the move. He took up running 18 years ago and has since completed numerous full and half marathons. Physical fitness and fiscal fitness are both of crucial importance to him.


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