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Patrick Peason
President, Peason Financial Group

Staunton, Virginia

Patrick Peason has been in the financial services industry for 31 years and specializes in the unique challenges facing today’s retirees and pre-retirees. In today’s tough market economy, seniors need to fully understand all the various investments that are currently available to assist them in helping them to protect and grow their investment portfolios.

As a result of Pat’s sound, conservative strategies, his clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a personalized optimal asset allocation. Pat is also an Approved Educator with the Scranton Academy of Financial Education. As a community service, he provides information on all aspects of the principles of personal finance, saving and investing via seminars offered through community organizations.

Peason Financial Group

At Peason Financial Group, Inc., we take the time to help our clients achieve their long-term financial goals, avoid common retirement-planning mistakes, and enjoy a lifetime of financial independence.

We help you understand the basics of investing; the importance of financial defense; the essential facts about market history; what you need to know about interest rates, bond funds, and strategic investing, and the difference between income and cash flow.

We help you avoid the common financial mistakes that typically undermine so many retirement plans – mistakes such as inefficient asset allocation, overpayment of taxes, and lack of catastrophic health care planning. At Peason Financial Group, Inc., our objective is to steer you on a course toward a lifetime of financial independence through conservative, income-generating financial strategies.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Income Strategies, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Peason Financial Group and Sound Income Strategies, LLC are not associated entities. Peason Financial Group is a franchisee of the Retirement Income Store. The Retirement Income Store and Sound Income Strategies LLC are associated entities.

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