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Tim Sparks
Financial Advisor, Sparks Financial Group

Lexington, KY


We recognize that everyone’s goals for retirement are different. Once you actually enter retirement, your goals and dreams can change. That’s why we take the time to get to know every client before creating a personalized financial plan for them. It’s also why we take the time to conduct regular client reviews to make sure that your financial plan reflects your evolving goals and priorities.


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Sparks Financial Group is an independent financial planning firm with offices located in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. For nearly a decade, Sparks Financial Group has been dedicated to helping pre-retirees and retirees effectively try to protect and grow their assets ahead of, and during, retirement.

The mission of Sparks Financial Group is to provide each and every client with financial confidence and peace of mind as we help them navigate the complexities of planning and saving for retirement. It’s our goal that every single client be able to thrive, and not just survive, their years in retirement.

We do this by helping each client identify their financial goals and dreams. Once we gain a clear understanding of your current financial situation and where you want to go, we’ll implement the best wealth management strategies available to custom-tailor a personalized financial plan to try to protect and grow your wealth.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Sound Income Strategies, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Sparks Financial Group and Sound Income Strategies, LLC are not associated entities. Sparks Financial Group is a franchisee of the Retirement Income Store. The Retirement Income Store and Sound Income Strategies LLC are associated entities.

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