The Retirement Income Stor-e Book

The Retirement Income Stor-e Book


David J. Scranton’s Latest Book Is Propelling
The Investing-for-Income Movement to New Heights

Amazon Bestselling Author, and Founder of The Retirement Income Store, David J. Scranton’s latest book, is revolutionizing the way baby boomers and their advisors plan and save for retirement.

The Retirement Income Stor-E: The Story behind the Launch of The Retirement Income Store shatters many of the myths that Wall Street bankers have promoted and protected for decades. Myths like: “Over the long run, the stock market always outperforms other asset classes.” Or, “High P/E Ratios are no reason to worry.”

The simple truth is that those who are retired, or within 10 years of retirement, can’t afford to ride out another catastrophic stock market drop like the two we’ve already experienced since the turn of the century.

Instead, David Scranton used engaging stories to outline what he believes is a much better and safer method to planning and saving for retirement. One that doesn’t involve taking on more stock market risk.

In fact, most will be able to reduce, and possibly even eliminate, their exposure to stock market risk—while establishing renewable streams of income they can count on well into retirement.



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