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June 2022 Financial Markets Discussion

June 30, 2022
 · 22 minutes
Tune in to this 22-minute webinar where Dave summarizes his Scranton Financial Group client video and encourages viewers of this video to watch that one. He discusses the fear of recession and a flight to quality and gives a brief overview of the state of preferred stocks, bonds, REITs, BDCs, and specialty ETFs this month. Dave briefly discusses three new types of software, including a retirement-risk report, which is a one-page, point-of-sale financial picture for new clients. He reintroduces zero-base thinking, which means not defending your previous thinking with nervous clients and how could you reallocate them now? He then concludes with explaining that we are moving to a new office building and encourages viewers to contact us by phone, cell phone, or email during this interim, work-from-home situation.
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SIS RIS Advisor Market Update

June 16, 2022
 · 17 minutes
Tune in to this 17-minute webinar where Dave gives a market update. He encourages advisors to reassure their clients even during the challenges of frequent market volatility, higher interest rates, and the possibility of recession around the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Additionally, Dave gives year-to-date portfolio updates. Lastly, he explains there will be two new advisor events in August and February to go along with the existing events in May and November.
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Sales Academy and NASCAR Update

March 4, 2022
 · 3 minutes
Tune in to this 3-minute webinar where Dave explains about the upcoming Sales Academy and Advanced Sales Academy being held in Fort Lauderdale in April 2022 and SGOS being held in Key Largo in May 2022. He also explains that the NASCAR concept will be moved to 2023 to give advisors who are interested in participating in this exciting branding opportunity more time to prepare.
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NASCAR and Matching Program

March 3, 2022
 · 5 minutes
Tune in to this 5-minute RIS video where Dave talks about the matching program and the NASCAR lifestyle event and using it as a rebranding opportunity. He encourages viewers to contact Andrew or Daniela by Friday, February 11 to sign up.